The Ultimate Monsoon Season Business Travel Checklist

Monsoon, heat wave, snowfall, no matter the season, work doesn’t wait for anyone. And this gets even harder if you have to go on a business trip in the middle of harsh weather. Though monsoon season is considered a much-preferred escape from the regular heat, in Pakistan, even this season can be nothing less than a struggle if you are traveling through places that get flooded easily during the rainy season.

Yet, you can always be prepared in your own way to make your business trip during monsoon easier. In this article, we’ve discussed a monsoon season business travel checklist you should get familiar with if you go on regular business trips.

Make Sure the Car Has Been Serviced Recently

The last thing you need is for your car to stop in the middle of a heavily water-logged road in the falling rain. Therefore, make sure that your rental vehicle has recently been maintained and serviced by the rental company so that you don’t face any trouble in the middle of your business trip during peak monsoon season.

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Check the Fuel in the Vehicle

The last thing you want is for your vehicle to get stuck in a flood of water on your business trip, and for you to get stranded in the middle of some place you don’t know how to get out of. For this reason, it’s important to check the rental car’s fuel refill and get it filled before you face any inconvenience in the middle of heavy rain.

Furthermore, rental companies require you to hand over the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as you left with. Hence, you need to be sure you know how much fuel the car had before you left for your business trip and bring it back with the same amount in the tank.

Stock Up on Snacks

While it’s not very likely for shops in Pakistan to close down due to rain, it is still a possibility in many areas, and you might even have trouble finding a proper place to eat on your way in the middle of heavy thunderstorms. Therefore, you should stock up on snacks beforehand in the vehicle so that you don’t starve even if you’re not getting proper food on the road.

Keep Devices Fully Charged

Though your devices should be charged up when you’re traveling, it’s extra important in the monsoon season because you never know when your car will face any trouble and stop in the middle of the road, and your digital devices need to be ready so that you can call for help.

Make sure to have the rental company provide you with a car cover as well, or carry one yourself so that the rental vehicle can be covered if you stop somewhere for the night, and it’s still pouring. And make sure to park the car in a safe space where it won’t become subject to floods.

Carry Proper Rain Apparel

For your monsoon season business travel, it’s essential to carry proper apparel and overcoats to keep you and your things safe if you step out in the rain. You should be carrying rain jackets, covers for your handbags and suitcases, proper covers and protectors for your digital devices, etc. so that you don’t have to suffer through any inconvenience and your things don’t get ruined.

Check for Tools and Spare Tires

Your rental vehicle should also be equipped with all the necessary tools and accessories so that you can easily perform any quick maintenance your rental car needs on an immediate basis in the middle of the rain. It’s also good to check if the car has all the necessary grip and if the tires are aligned properly so that you don’t face any issues navigating it in the middle of heavy rainfall.

This is your basic checklist for all your corporate traveling needs during the monsoon season. If you need any more help, contact Deinfa Motors.

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