Benefits of Partnering with Deinfa for your Intercity Business Trips

Business trips are a fundamental part of almost any organization that increase value, boost efficiency for the company and provide a seamless experience to the employees. Commuting for intercity business trips can be hard since using personal transport is not always a feasible option to consider while traveling to other cities, and the pressure to make a positive impression on future customers and clients can add to the stress level, leaving you overwhelmed with a lot of responsibility to deal with. In this case, the best possibility is to partner with a reputed corporate rental company.

How does this help?

A vast selection of economy or luxury vehicles makes it convenient for you to choose the most appropriate vehicle as per your needs. Moreover, renting a car for intercity travel can help you save a significant amount of time which is generally spent on moving from one location to the next.

Benefits of Partnering with Deinfa

At Deinfa Motors, we provide a range of services and benefits to our corporate clientele that offers flexible solutions and ensures they have hassle-free business journeys. In this blog, we’ve highlighted a few of the top benefits of collaborating with Deinfa for your business travel.

1- Affordable Rates

Looking for a cost-effective conveyance solution for your employees, and clientele? We offer competitive corporate rates. With our long-term rental services, you sign a contract on a yearly basis which means that you only need to pay monthly fixed costs, while availing economical maintenance packages and other additional services.

2- Large Selection of Vehicles

When you’re partnering with a professional car rental company, you have the liberty to choose from a wide selection of vehicles available according to your needs. Whether you’re looking for commercial vehicles for your employees’ day-to-day transport or luxury vehicles for business meetings and trips, you can conveniently find all options under one roof by signing a long-term contract with a car rental service.

3- Inspection & Maintenance

One of the biggest advantages of getting into a contract with car rentals for your business trips over buying a new car yourself for this purpose is cutting down on the cost of servicing the vehicle on your own. The rental vehicles not only go through a detailed inspection by expert technicians to avoid breakdowns but also have full contractual terms regarding the maintenance and service of rental vehicles, saving you both operational costs and time that is otherwise likely to be spent on taking the car for servicing.

4- Professional Chauffeurs

Our crew of professional chauffeurs is available 24/7 to drive employers and clients around. This greatly assists the company to plan and arrange intercity business trips hassle-free. Moreover, they also help with navigation in occupied streets and remote places. The ease of having professional drivers at your service offers a sense of security, reliance, and comfort throughout your journey.

5- Insured Cars

We offer insured vehicles in our fleet which means that as a customer you will not have to bear any insurance costs in case of mishaps. However, the terms differ if the vehicle is damaged while still under the company’s use. Having insured vehicles offer peace of mind and make it extremely beneficial for the company to collaborate with Deinfa Motors, reducing expenditure and availing a lot of other benefits while having a long-term transportation solution.

To conclude, a company will be eligible to avail the above-stated benefits after partnering with Deinfa for their corporate transportation requirements. It’s a win-win solution for every organization, gaining access to profitable customized plans as per their need with a variety of vehicles to opt from. Need more information about our corporate car rental program? Feel free to get in touch with our team of professionals at Deinfa.

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