A Guide to Renting a Car with Driver

Whenever you opt to rent a car, your car rental company also allows you to have the option of hiring a driver to assist you on your travels by driving you around. But there are always questions that arise in one’s mind when it comes to renting a car with a driver, and for good reason. After all, trusting a complete stranger to go with on long trips or multiple trips isn’t always something people willingly do. So, in this blog, we’re going to guide you on why you should rent a car with a driver and how it can benefit you, while also answering some frequently asked questions about the entire venture.

Why Hire a Driver and Not Drive Yourself?

One of the most asked queries is why shouldn’t you drive by yourself, since that will be more comfortable somehow. While that is absolutely fine, it’s better to have a driver along as it will give you more time to take care of your travel itinerary, and it will especially be helpful to you if you’re visiting a city or place you’ve never been to before, as the driver would know the roads and the shorter and safer routes, gas stations, etc. while also stopping at the right rest houses and hotels for breaks without taking any risks.

Furthermore, if you’re planning on exploring remote areas or famous destinations, then hiring a native driver makes the most sense as they’ll know their way around town and can guide you to what you should or shouldn’t do on this adventure.

Where Does the Driver Eat or Sleep?

The drivers you hire from car rental companies are usually paid an allowance for lunch, etc. from the company itself. Basically, most of their needs are taken care of by the company employing them. But even so, if you want to include a bigger amount in their tip or want to take care of their lunch needs, that’s up to you, as long as the driver themselves agree to it.

Tipping the Driver

If your driver is riding you around a long route for hours, especially if you’re traveling intercity, your driver may expect to receive a tip from you, in addition to his compensation from the company. But how much you pay depends entirely on you. So you can rate your tip amount according to some important factors, i.e.

  • How well-behaved and helpful the driver has been during the entire journey.
  • Did the driver do any rash or lazy driving that ended up making you afraid for your safety, or you reached late to the destination because of it.
  • Also, keep in mind that many roads around Pakistan aren’t well-developed due to several factors due to which riding may not always be comfortable, hence you can’t judge one’s driving abilities due to bad road conditions.
  • The driver does help you out with your queries but remember, they’re not experienced guides, so there might come instances when the drivers may not have all your answers. Hence, you can’t judge them on the basis of this lack of knowledge.

These were the basic things you should know when renting a car with a driver. Every driver is different from the other. Some are more talkative, while others keep to themselves. But as long as you’re experiencing a safe and comfortable ride, having a driver can be very helpful to you as you’ll be saved from the exhaustion of driving the car for hours. If you’re looking for a trustworthy car rental company, you can look into Deinfa Motors.

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