Long-term Car Rental, is it worth it?

When it comes to buying or leasing a car, the process can be daunting. What with all the paperwork and waiting it entails. And with a lease, you don’t even get the vehicle to be your own personal car, rather a contractual agreement between you and the owner. Both these situations can end up costing you a lot of money. But fortunately, there is a third option that you can avail i.e. renting a car.

Even when it comes to renting a car, you can either opt for a short-term option or choose a long-term solution. And maybe on the outside, renting cars in the short-term may seem feasible for you, but you will be surprised to find out that the ultimate solution to your traveling problems is actually a long-term car rental. In this blog, we’re going to talk about how a long-term car rental is a worthy option for all your journeys, compared to leasing or even purchasing your own car.

1- Savings

Perhaps the biggest benefit of long-term car rentals is the savings you’ll end up making. In a lot of cases, and with a lot of car rental companies, renting a car for a longer period than buying your own actually turns out to be cheaper. Besides that, it can also give you a better value for your money than renting a car for short periods. Long-term car rental companies allow you to schedule your trip ahead and accommodate you with better deals to ensure you invest in their services again. Furthermore, many long-term car rentals also allow you to get into the next contract right after the end of the first one, meaning you can get to keep the car for a longer duration without having to spend a lot on buying a car.

2- Flexibility

The rental companies allowing you to rent a car on a long-term also permit you flexibility when it comes to returning the vehicle. Meaning you can keep the car for a longer period, with the rental contract being extended. Although you should remember that even if you want to return the car earlier than initially planned, you’ll have to pay the same amount as the contract you agreed on i.e. if you return the car before the one-month mark is complete, you’ll still have to pay a month’s worth of rent.

3- No insurance worries

One of the major advantages of renting a car is that you don’t need to worry about insurance as it doesn’t belong to you. That comes with its own set of conditions e.g. at Deinfa Motors, if you rent a chauffeur-driven car, you won’t be liable to pay even a depreciation amount for any accident claim. Whereas if a car is damaged in any way while you were driving it, you may have to pay a depreciation amount to cover for those damages, and the rest is taken care of by their own insurance policies. Although it is recommended you check the car initially for any previous damages before you rent it out so that you won’t be held liable for any dents or scratches you didn’t even cause in the first place.

4- Get a new car every time

Renting gives you the possibility to drive a new car, and a different model, every single time. Now this is something that buying your own car definitely doesn’t cover, is it? Get behind the wheels of your favorite models and earn the experience of driving around on your long trips in them, without compromising on your comfort.

At Deinfa, the fleet of vehicles varies from Sedans to Hatchbacks to SUVs and Commercial vehicles, giving you an option to choose for whichever purpose you need the car.

5- No reselling concerns

Reselling is always an issue for every car owner. You can either not get a valuable price for your car, given its model and usage, running the risk of financial losses, or you don’t find a buyer willing to pay you right away. With long-term rentals, you just need to contact your rental company and ask for a different car. Of course, that may come with its own contractual processes, but it’s still a lot simpler than reselling your personal car.

There’s no doubt that renting a car on a long-term comes with its own set of benefits, especially if you rent one with a chauffeur, meaning you won’t even have to worry about getting tired while cruising through your long journey; you can just have a skilled driver do the hard work for you as you enjoy the ride. Whether you rent a car for a short term or long-term, there are many companies willing to offer you the choice you need, and one prominent name in that department is Deinfa Motors.

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