Tips to Make Your Car Rental Experience Better

Renting a car is one of the most convenient things you can do for yourself as you go on a business or recreational trip, or even when it comes to your daily commute. But at times, certain situations may make your car rental trip a bit inconvenient. Therefore, we’ve written down a few tips and tricks through which you can make your car rental experience better.

Avoid Renting from the Airport

If you’re a frequent traveler, especially if you go on regular business trips out of your city or even country, you may need to hire rental services to and from the airport of your own as well as the foreign country. Our suggestion would be to avoid renting from the airport, at least in your own country/city. Have someone drive you to the airport, or if you can’t, go for car rental companies to do your driving for you.

This way, you won’t have to pay huge amounts of money to the airport for driving you around, because it costs a lot more to rent from them than to hire professional car rental services of an established company.

Do Your Research

When renting a car for the first time, you need to do your research properly into which car you need to rent and which company you want to rent it from. Compare the prices of different rental companies, notice the average of the industry for each vehicle model, and then choose the company that’s providing you the best worth of your money. Also, you need to pay attention to whether the company is staying true to the initial contract or intends to increase the rates at checkout.

Pay Attention to Reviews

While doing your research, you may also look into the reviews different rental companies have received from their previous users. But when you’re reading through those reviews, you need to pay attention to why people have given the companies such reviews, especially if they’re negative ones.

An important part of reading reviews efficiently is to note that people may get angry quite easily because of surcharges they have to face due to not having filled the fuel tank while returning the vehicle, or for getting charged for a GPS or tolls.

It’s more important for you to pay attention to reviews that are concerned with the cleanliness of the car, the cooperation of the rental company, and the quality of the car, etc. These are more reliable reviews that can help you choose the rental company you want to hire.

Fill the Tank Yourself

It might be convenient to think the rental company themselves will fill up the fuel tank when you drop the car off, and it is too, but it’s not good for your pockets at all. You need to make sure you’re filling up the tank yourself as you return the vehicle because waiting for the rental company to fill the tank means you’re going to be charged additionally for them to do so.

Try Sticking to One Chauffeur

When you’re renting a car to be driven by a chauffeur provided by the rental company, try to make sure you get the same driver on all your outings. This makes it quite easy for both of you to go on trips as they know your schedule and habits, and you trust their navigation and driving skills. Also, of course, you’d need to make sure they’re a good chauffeur too. Because all drivers might be good, but they may not be suitable to your temperament, or they may not have the experience to drive you around a long route. Hence, it’s important you have the option to ensure who you’re being driven around by.

Take Photos of the Car

One major thing to keep in mind is, take photos of the car from the moment you get your hands on it to the moment you hand it back to the rental company. This will ensure that you have proof of what condition the car has been in ever since you rented it. And this way, rental companies can’t scam you into believing you may have damaged the vehicle from some places that could’ve happened before you rented it or after you gave it back.

Also, it’s recommended that you rent a car from a trusted company, like Deinfa Motors, where these things don’t happen, instead of a small rental company that can scam you and take more of your money this way.

Lastly, You Might Not Need Insurance

Many car rental companies have insurance plans that they love to force down their clients’ contracts, even after the client refuses them. You will notice this as your booking process begins, and you reach the rental company to pick your vehicle. You need to stand firm on your decision to not buy an insurance plan after you analyze your options and decide you don’t need it. It might turn into a frustrating process due to the rental company’s insistence, but you need to choose what’s best for you financially, not for the company.

These are some ways you can make your car rental experience better. Keep them in mind for a more convenient and comfortable trip. And if you need any expert advice, contact Deinfa Motors.

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