Rent a Car for Northern Areas of Pakistan—A Guide

The northern areas of Pakistan are the main attraction for tourists and locals alike. The factors that make the northern region irresistible are the beautiful sites of Gilgit-Baltistan or Kashmir, high altitude, and high mountains. This means that the roads you would have to travel through will be dangerous, and rocky. To tackle the difficulty of traveling you can rent a car for the northern areas of Pakistan with Deinfa.

This article will be covering the cars that you should rent to make your long and stressful fun and joyful.

Cars To Rent For Northern Areas

1.Rental Hiace

First on our list is Toyota Hiace, this car features a modern seat structure and excellent audio cables that include a typical sound system along with a CD player. Since one of the updated features is a four-spoke steering wheel, it has given this car a comfortable feel so that you enjoy your long trips with ease. Rental Hiace also offers a satellite navigation option that can be operated through the screen map on the DVD.

2.Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla continues to uphold its place of being a fully equipped compact car and safety-sensitive at affordable prices. This five-seater Toyota four-door or hatchback sedan offers a wide range of features that are perfect for long road trips. The elegant body style of the Toyota Corolla has a pair of compatible 4-cylinder engines that provides an economical hybrid powertrain.

Those who prefer autonomous driving can rent a Corolla with sports suspension and a manual gearbox.

3.Rent a Coaster

We generally recommend that you rent a coaster for a hassle-free ride to the northern areas. This 29-seater coaster is perfect for going on a trip with family and friends. The engine of this car is equipped with a machine that is capable of producing 284 Nm and 135 hp of torque for rear-wheel drive design. This vehicle has a wheelbase of four meters and is capable of providing a seat up to thirty meters long, while the dimensions of its length is 7 meters, its width is 2 meters, and its height is 2.6 meters.

4.Toyota Prado

Toyota Prado is a large SUV with proven reliability, unmatched service support, and a seven-seat cockpit. This SUV is perfect for an everyday family car and its body and structure is also robust, making it one of the best car ride for long-distance traveling.

5.Toyota Fortuner

This vehicle is a seven-seater family SUV that is based on the famous Hilux Fortuner. Toyota Fortuner is durable and sturdy, and can seamlessly travel a long distance. It also strikes an amazing good between convenience and durability in daily use.

With everything being easily accessed through your smartphone, you can easily book and rent a car for the northern areas of Pakistan through our website. Make smart choices and make your trips memorable with Deinfa.

6.Honda BRV

Honda BRV was released in Pakistan in 2017, and since then it has come a long way. This luxurious vehicle is a seven-seater that has a modern and elegant design. This feature has tremendously attracted the small SUV automobile market. It has a 1.5-liter 16-valve SOHC iVTEC engine, 145 Nm [email protected] rpm, 117 hp, and 6600 rpm, making it perfect for traveling long journeys.

To sum up, we would conclude that hiring a top-notch vehicle for your trip to northern areas is as important as planning the other factors for the trip. In order to make your trip hassle-free it is important to hire a recognized rental company such as Deinfa to rent a car for the northern areas of Pakistan.

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