5 Tips on Getting the Best Corporate Car Rental Deals

Most car rental companies provide valuable deals and promotions to employers who are regular travelers and loyal customers. But every employer or employee isn’t always aware of all these deals and ends up spending more than is necessary to meet their travel needs. In this blog, we discuss 5 basic tips for you to get the best corporate car rental deals.

1. Use Travel Management Platforms

Using a travel management platform can help you recognize ways you can invest in and save up on business traveling plans including car rentals, etc. who are partners with such platforms to streamline their operations. These platforms have an ample amount of information on car rental companies and provide access to various corporate deals, etc. that you can benefit from.

2. Choose Corporate Credit Cards

At times, some car rental companies provide insurance coverage on corporation credit cards, because of their partnership with your employer. This can end up reducing the amount you spend on renting vehicles from said rental companies. To avail of this, you need to be aware of which (if any) car rental companies have such an agreement with your corporation so that you can take advantage of it and save on your rental cars.

3. Negotiate with Dealers

For this, the first step you need to take is to research the rental companies that offer the services you’re looking for, and when you find an ample amount of competitors you need to negotiate with them to come to the most effective deals that will be beneficial for both of you. You need to incentivize how much business you can bring to them, let them know how beneficial a partnership with you will be for them, and eliminate the possibility of any hidden fees before coming to an agreement.

4. Compare Rates of Different Companies

You need to remember that different rental companies offer different services, hence, instead of settling after the first search, you need to look into multiple competitors and different dealers to come to the best rental company that provides an ample amount of value for the fee you’ll be paying to them.

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5. Be Loyal to Your Rental Dealer

Many car rental companies offer loyalty points and discounts to long-time customers, and that’s something you need to gain advantage of. Frequently hire cars from the same company and participate in their promotional offers to get the best deals that are worth your investment.

These were our tips for you to find the best rental deals to save on for your corporate travels. Remember that being loyal to a single rental service provider and being aware of their deals and discounts can only help you in the long run, hence, choose the best companies for your traveling needs and rental vehicles. If you’re looking for more information on this, feel free to contact the experts on Deinfa Motors.

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