Why a GLi Car is a Good Rental Vehicle Choice

Today’s selection of sedans is not an easy choice due to the variety of available options with innovative features and specs. Toyota Corolla GLi is an excellent pick for sedans. There are many different options available in the automotive industry which can create difficulty for the consumer to make the proper selection.

If you’re looking to rent a sedan equipped with spectacular features then Toyota Corolla GLi car gives you an efficient engine and extravagant specs. It is acclaimed as the bestseller sedan car in the automotive industry for quite some time now. It is the best choice for customers who enjoy a vehicle with excellent mileage, a comfortable interior, and plenty of safety features.

Toyota Corolla GLi Exterior

As compared to past models, the Toyota Corolla GLi exterior features a new and modern facelift design language that has plastic wheel covers, stylish side-swept headlights, and a chrome grille at the front. It outshines all the sedans in its elegant style and with an exterior design language of extensive margin. The exterior dimensions of this GLi by other Toyota are 4620 mm in length, 2700 mm in wheelbase, and 1775 mm in width. Not only does it have a bigger exterior dimension, but it also has much more sufficient carrying space. So, if you’re going on a trip with your family and need to carry luggage, then renting a Toyota Corolla GLi is a great option for a family sedan car.

Toyota Corolla GLi Interior

The interior of the GLi car is absolutely amazing, the quality of the interior is not only appealing but also durable. The design of the interior of this car is such to make the rider feel as good and as effortless as possible.

The model comes with 4 speakers, which can make your long trip fun and musical when you’re traveling with your friends or family. The placement of switches in the car has been done logically which makes the operation of AC controls and power windows, both for the driver and the passenger easy. Toyota Corolla GLi beats its rival sedans in terms of its interior space.

Security and Safety Features

Keyless entry

Toyota GLI car comes with keyless entry. This keyless fob allows you to perform normal functions of that vehicle just by carrying the key. The Toyota keyless entry system uses wireless technology to recognize when the key is in proximity to your car and lets you unlock the vehicle for you as you grip the door handle. And when you sit inside the vehicle, the engine will be ready to start, just after a few seconds. All you need to do is press the brake and the start/stop button to start your vehicle.

This feature makes it impossible for you to lock your keys inside your car. If you leave your keyless remote inside your vehicle and try to press the lock button on your door handle, an alert sound will notify you that the keys are in the car, keeping your doors unlocked until you retrieve the key. While on a trip, you would want to enjoy it fully without ever getting into the hassle of such trouble where you lock the keys inside, with your important luggage.

Power door locks

A power door lock or also referred to as an electric door lock allows the driver to control locks on all the doors within the car. This is very beneficial, especially when you’re traveling with kids.


Renting a GLi sedan car gives you the experience of the luxury interior with a comfortable ride and has the ability to outperform other sedans in an extravagant manner while being fuel efficient and price lesser compared to other sedans in the market.

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