The Specifics You Should Look for in Your Rental Toyota Coaster Bus

When it comes to rental vehicles, people usually go for sleek and comfortable economic cars or even SUVs if that’s what’s required of them. But in some cases, like for corporate rentals, etc., more commercial options are the better choice, like that of the Toyota Coaster Bus. So when it comes to renting a vehicle for long road trips or a commercial daily commute solution for a huge number of people, the Toyota Coaster Bus is the best solution.

The bus is spacious with a very comfortable interior, providing a luxurious and efficient user experience as a whole. Toyota Coaster Bus was first launched in 1963, as the demand for an efficient minibus increased. Around 1969, the vehicle went through a redesign and was then named the “coaster”. It’s a very convenient and comfortable vehicle that serves as a commuting option for 110 countries around the world. Therefore, looking at the importance of this vehicle, the following are the specifications you need to look for when it comes to renting a Toyota Coaster Bus.

Vehicle Outline

  • The Coaster has a ringed body frame that connects the rood, sides, and floor frame sections. The body is manufactured using high-tensile steel plates that contribute further to the vehicle’s rigid body that complies with the global safety-performance standard’s ECE2 regulation 663.
  • SRS airbags are also installed in the driver and front passenger seats as standard. The vehicle is designed to provide a level of comfort and safety to the passengers in the event of any emergency with the use of pre-tensioners that instantly takes up the seatbelt slack, securing passengers as well as the use of force limiters, which reduce the force applied to passengers’ chest regions.


  • The Coaster has a cockpit design to enable the driver’s focus to remain on driving, with the windshield widened to expand the driver’s field of vision and compartments around the driver’s seat to help decrease the need for the driver to keep shifting their line of sight.
  • The cabin space is heightened by approx. 60 mm with the windows being moved outwards by 40 mm, providing space for passengers to rest their elbows. The side windows also have an increased height of 50 mm, which creates a comfortable and open passenger space.
  • The doorsteps have been lengthened by 65 mm to improve ease of ingress and egress.
  • UV Cut glass has been used to manufacture the side windows, contributing to a more comfortable space inside the coaster.
  • The seat covers on this coaster bus are synthetic leather and fabric, designed to create a sense of luxury. The cushions of the seat are manufactured using polyurethane in order to make seating even more comfortable and convenient for the passengers to rest.
  • The distance between the room racks and the roof is increased by 60 mm to improve storage, while the room racks have been moved to 140 mm outwardly, to make it easier for passengers to sit and stand.

Comfortable Interior

  • The coaster is designed with soundproofing materials and enhanced body-seal structures to ensure quietness and comfort inside the vehicle.
  • Along with body rigidity, the vehicle also has suspension features, front and rear stabilizers, and optimized shock-absorber damping forces, in order to guarantee a stable ride if you intend to travel a long route.

Tough Exterior

  • The roof of the coaster features chamfers, making the bus look modern yet attractive.
  • The body has a squared silhouette, highlighting the spaciousness of the coaster.
  • The coaster also has character lines, dividing the upper and lower regions of the vehicle, while the underbody focuses on the area around the wheels, revealing a sturdy body that provides the cabin with powerful support.

These are all the basic features that your rental Toyota Coaster Bus should have to ensure you experience a smooth and comfortable ride, whether you’re renting it for business travels or for personal reasons. If you need more information regarding this, visit Deinfa and contact our experts for information.

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