Renting a Car for Your Trip: Expectations vs Reality

Despite being in business for as long as one can remember, car rentals still have a lot of myths surrounding them that stop people from renting cars and opt for an alternative, and at times comparatively inconvenient, solution to tackle their problem of hiring a car for their journeys. But whether people choose to rent a car or not depends entirely on their experience and their views about how feasible a car rental actually is.
Every customer can have negative and positive expectations when it comes to renting a car, and these may or may not be realistic. In this blog, we’re going to discuss some of the most common myths about the process of renting a car that have different realities entirely.

Expectation: Car rentals are expensive

Most people opt for either leasing a car or paying a huge sum of money to buy their own car because according to them, renting a car is more expensive than any of the aforementioned alternatives. Even if they’re not leasing or getting a personal vehicle, most people would rather opt for Uber and other public transportation options rather than renting a car, due solely to the belief that rentals are the more expensive option.

Reality: Car rentals can actually be cheaper

The reality is that car rentals can actually be cheaper than public transportation or even leasing a car. Every car rental company has its own policies on how much they cost for which type of car. And you get to choose the duration for your rent i.e. short-term or long-term, and which car you want to drive, or you want their chauffeur to drive, and you’ll have to pay a specific amount depending on all of these factors. Given the amount of comfort and options you’ll be given through renting a car, this seems to be a much cheaper option than using public transport or leasing a car.

Expectation: Public transport is more convenient than renting

A majority of the audience believes that using public transport on a day-to-day basis is much more convenient than renting a car as you don’t have to sign any paperwork or get into any legal processing. You just need to choose a type of public transport and get into it to reach your destination without any further follow-ups. But they’re avoiding the hassle that goes into hiring any form of public transport. What are they? We’ve discussed this below.

Reality: Renting a car is a more comfortable option

Imagine using a different kind of public transport every other day, depending on the rush hour traffic, the distance you intend to travel, and the route you’re taking for your journey. It can vary from one means of transport to the other. E.g. an Uber may cost higher than taking a bus, but then the bus ride can be quite inconvenient depending on the location you need to visit, meaning you’ll have to opt for another vehicle to make you reach your destination after you get off the bus.

By renting a car, you won’t just be tackling the hassle of choosing a public transport convenient enough for you, but you’ll also have the option to drive your own self to your destination, meaning whatever you’re paying the rental company will be well worth your time and the comfort you’ll be deriving from the experience.

At Deinfa Motors, there’s a fleet of the most modern and efficient vehicles available for the customer to choose the kind of ride they need according to their journey and the number of people they’re going on their trip with from Sedans to Commercials, etc.

Expectation: Car rentals are complicated

Most people believe car rentals are complicated with a huge amount of processes, paperwork, and regulations that make it harder for people to conveniently rent a car in a faster manner. This fuss of paperwork and submitting a bunch of legal documents is what makes people rethink twice before they choose another option than actually going out to rent a car, without discovering the process for themselves.

Reality: Renting cars is actually getting simpler

The truth is, renting a car is getting more and more efficient with the advent of modern technology and all the different kinds of online to offline options available at every customer’s disposal. Furthermore, with car rentals, you don’t have to worry about spending a huge amount of money on car insurance and servicing, a concern very evident for everyone who owns or even leases a car. Long-term car rentals can be a much better option in this regard, not to mention every rental company has the option of either self-driving or hiring their chauffeurs to drive you around, making your solution even more simple.

These are all the myths and their underlying realities when it comes to renting a car for your trip. So in the future, when it comes to choosing an option for your travels, consider the convenience and safety that will be provided to you through an authentic car rental company. If you’re looking for a good car rental company for your journeys, you may look into Deinfa Motors for your answer.

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