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In 1949 from Decca Bangladesh (former East Pakistan), Syed Hashim started a Vehicle maintenance Garage named "Deinfa" with a dream to take it to the height of Automobile industry. With the extreme Passion and immense hard work Deinfa become the best Vehicle maintenance Garage with in the region. The years progressed, Deinfa grew to the largest automobile workshop and the sole authorized distributors and dealers for BRITISH LEYLAND MOTOR WORKS.

In 1972, after the separation of East Pakistan, Deinfa relocated in Karachi - Pakistan. Years passed and the next generation that is Ejaz Syed Hashim becomes the part of Deinfa lately in 1974. He took the newly relocated Local Garage to the extreme new level where the Vehicle with the Maintenance tag of Deinfa was resold in the price of new. The regular service and maintenance from Deinfa Motors increases the life of Vehicle.

Under the Umbrella of Deinfa another company started with the name of "DEINFA MOTORS" in 1992; cater all the needs of Rental vehicles. Starting with the fleet of 5 vehicles, by today Deinfa motors grew to the Rental fleet of 250 Vehicles.

In 1998, Honda (Japan) awarded Deinfa with the Certificate of Merit for the best service provider in the market. Progress doesn't ends up here, in 2003, ATLAS HONDA CARS PAKISTAN Limited accredit Deinfa as 2S (Service & Spares) Honda Dealers.

The progress of Deinfa not only continues in one direction but diversified in the year 2006, when Deinfa join hands with "Pakistan Cables" and registered as "HASHIM DISTRIBUTOR", the authorized distributors and suppliers of Cables and Wires.

In 2006, third generation with new passionate and dedication (Shakir Hashim & Asad Ali Hashim) joined the Deinfa Group and took it to next levels, by joining hands with Toyota, Deinfa celebrated the Inauguration ceremony of "TOYOTA CREEK MOTORS" on Feb. 6th, 2014. The new showroom and workshop is authorized 3S (Sales, Service & Spares) Toyota Vehicles dealers.

Still a long way to go and new heights to achieve, journey continues toward greater Success...