Partnering with Deinfa – All You Need to Know

Every corporate business needs a steady transportation service to help them out with business trips, employee traveling solutions, and managing the travel situation of important clientele. But before you consider getting into a contract with any rental company, you should also research into the benefits you will derive from becoming partners with that car rental service.

When it comes down to this, Deinfa Motors can provide you with the best services as you partner with the company for your corporate traveling solutions. Below, we’ve listed down some of the many benefits of partnering with Deinfa Motors.

1. Maintenance

One of the benefits of partnering with car rental companies, like Deinfa Motors, is that you get vehicles that are serviced and maintained by the company itself, rather than having to spend your corporate budget on vehicle management. This means the vehicles are solely the rental company’s responsibility, and you’re left to focus on your actual objectives i.e. your business.

2. Operational Lease

Operational lease refers to a contract where the owner, in this case the rental company, permits a user, in this case a business, to use their asset i.e. a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, for a particular period of time, and then it’s returned without any further obligations on the user. Deinfa has operational leases in all its vehicles, making them a lot more convenient for the clientele to take advantage of.

3. Insured Vehicles

All the vehicles in Deinfa’s fleet are insured, meaning a business won’t have to pay any insurance amount, unless the vehicle is damaged while under the company’s use. This deal makes it even more beneficial for the business to partner up with a well-renowned rental company, saving on costs and also getting a lot of other benefits with a consistent transportation solution.

4. Staff Transport

Partnering up your business with a car rental company also gives you an efficient and comfortable staff transport solution. This makes it easier for your employees to commute to and from work and provides them with the extra benefit of working for your company. This not only makes your business more efficient but also increases employee satisfaction and works out for your business in the long term.

5. Event Management

Having a car rental company as your business partner also gives you better transport services whenever you have a corporate event to arrange and attend. This is especially important to have traveling services arranged for important clientele and partners arriving from foreign countries or different cities.

6. Security Vehicles

Deinfa Motors also provides corporations with security vehicles for VIP personnel and on other occasions, you need secure vehicular services at your disposal e.g. during business trips, company picnics, etc. This is another big benefit of partnering with the car rental company.

7. Fleet Management

An important advantage of being partners with Deinfa Motors is that you get a supervised team of experts who will manage the entire fleet of vehicles, meaning you won’t face any inconvenience when it comes to breakdowns, etc. as everything will already be supervised and taken care of by the car rental company’s own team of experts.

8. Chauffeurs

Deinfa Motors also provides its corporate clientele with chauffeurs who are ready 24/7 to drive employers and business personnel around. This makes it easier for a company to arrange on-road business trips without inconvenience. Having professional drivers at your disposal also means that you’re being assisted by an expert on your road trip, who knows all the routes and stops, making your trip even more comfortable to be in.

These are all the services a company will gain after partnering up with Deinfa Motors and becoming part of the corporate rental plan. It’s a convenient solution to every business’s travel-related needs, providing access to a bunch of deals and discounts, while also giving business personnel the choice of a fleet of vehicles that work best for the company’s needs. If you need more information about this, you can get in touch with the experts at Deinfa.

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