6 Mistakes to Avoid While Driving at Night

Driving at night is a lot more dangerous than driving during the day, with fatal accidents becoming three times more likely during this time. Not surprising to see, that the biggest reason behind this is that we can’t see very well in the dark, and that makes us prone to mistakes that can prove to be quite life-threatening. In this blog, we’ve listed down some mistakes you need to avoid while driving during the night.

Combat Fatigue

Drowsy driving results in more car accidents than any other reason, according to experts. And this condition usually occurs when one’s driving during late midnight hours. Therefore, it’s important that you don’t drive at a time you’re exhausted and afraid of falling asleep behind the wheels. It’s also important to be wary of your condition when you’re suffering from problems like narcolepsy and other issues that cause sudden drowsiness you’ve got no control over.

But if it’s absolutely important to drive, you could always rent a vehicle and ask the rental company, like Deinfa Motors, for a chauffeur to drive you around during these hours. This way, even if you fall asleep, you won’t need to worry about the road or about reaching your location safely.

High Beams

One thing you absolutely should do at night is adjust your high beams to be at the right level without facing or causing inconveniences on the road. For this purpose, you need to be vigilant with the use of high beams to be able to see the road while also not being a problem to other drivers. And if you’re going through a road that’s more on the rural side, with trees at all sides of the road and no car incoming from the other side, you need to use your high beams at full to ensure you can see everything clearly for a mile at least to help you drive properly.


While driving in the dark through forests and barren roads, it’s more than likely that you’ll encounter some wildlife animals and species that you’d need to be careful of to not hit them. For this, you need to be alert of the road you’re taking and make sure your lights are properly illuminating to keep you safe from hitting any innocent animals without being aware of it.


Before you go out on your nighttime drive, you need to test all your lights, from high to low beams, daylights, brake lights, turn signals, etc. This is to ensure that you have everything maintained and prepared to not face any problems on the road in the dark. When you’re renting a car from a well-reputed company, this problem is almost eliminated as your rental company will have a maintained fleet available at your disposal. But just in case they haven’t done so for the vehicle you’re renting, ask them to do a check right in front of you to make sure everything is intact.

Driving Speed

According to reports, around 37% of nighttime road accidents occur due to speeding. And while that may not seem like a huge number to you, it’s pretty big of a risk for you to overlook. Therefore, whenever on the road, you need to drive slow unless the surrounding environment requires otherwise, and even in that case you need to be very careful.


This one should already be obvious to you. You need to pay strict attention to the road when driving in the dark. No loud songs or taking your eyes off of the road for even a second. This is another reason why you need to rent a vehicle when going on a nighttime trip, and that too one with a chauffeur. But even so, you have to pay attention to not distracting the person driving you to your location.

These are the basic mistakes you need to avoid and watch out for when driving at night. And, as we said, if this is too hard, you could always rent a car for your nighttime trip so that you’re at ease from any worries. If you need more information, contact the experts at Deinfa Motors.

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