How to Tell if a Rental Vehicle Needs Wheel Alignment or Balancing?

Have you driven your rental vehicle over a pothole or driven on a flooded road? If so, you might find that your steering wheel isn’t aligned or balanced the way it used to be. In this case, you will need to get your wheel alignment and balancing checked by a trained professional before you continue driving ahead with it because doing so will protect your rental car’s wheels from long-term damage in terms of getting out of balance or out of alignment.
Furthermore, just as taking care of these issues is important, it is equally significant to watch for the signs that suggest whether any of these services is needed or not.

Difference Between Wheel Alignment & Wheel Balancing

Before discussing the signs, let’s first understand the difference between the two.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is the process that adjusts a car’s suspension system that connects it to its wheels. It helps to prevent the vehicle from swerving to the left or right direction while improving vehicle handling and avoiding vibrations.

Wheel Balancing

This process refers to rectifying the uneven distribution of weight on the wheels that is likely to result in extreme tire wear, vibrations, damage to the suspension, and much more.

Danger Signs to Look Out For:

Are you undecided if this is the right time to schedule an appointment for wheel alignment and balancing? Look out for the following signs in your vehicle.

1- Uneven Tire Wearing

The usual pattern for all your tires is to wear down at a constant rate, given that they are adequately rotated at the suggested mileage of your car. If you notice abnormal wear on your tires, specifically if you spot that your tires seem to be deteriorating more on one side or edge than the other, it is a key sign that your wheels are out of alignment.

2- Off-Center Steering Wheel

Does your vehicle drift harshly to the left or the right when you release your steering wheel? This is one of the most evident signs that you need a wheel alignment. Interestingly, this sign is more obvious if the imbalance is in the front tires as compared to the back tires.

3- Your Wheels Vibrate

When your vehicle alignment is off, you may feel your steering wheel vibrate. The vibration gets even more intense when you’re driving at higher speeds because the tires rotate faster. Prolonged steering wheel vibration can hamper your ability to keep a reasonable grip on your steering wheel and drive safely on the road.

4- Unstable Handling

One of the easiest ways to identify a wheel balancing issue is having wear and tear on the edges of the tires rather than the tread, resulting in shaky handling that makes you literally fight to gain vehicle control. If you can relate to this, it’s time to get your tire balance checked.

5- Strange Noises

Another sign of wheel imbalance is that you notice a bizarre buzzing sound coming out of your tires whenever you go out for a drive, and it keeps on getting worse as you drive at a faster speed, indicating that you’re driving with bad alignment. To avoid this and ensure a smooth driving experience, get it inspected for balance.

In summary, the core benefits of wheel balancing & alignment services include better vehicle handling, fuel economy, increased tire life span, and minimized premature tire tread wear. Do you suspect any of the above-mentioned signs in your rental vehicle? Get in touch with our experts at Deinfa motors to get your concerns addressed.

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