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History / Introduction

69 Years of Experience : Achieving Excellence through Commitment & Reliability is the benchmark to our success!

1947 -Decca, Bangladesh (Formerly East Pakistan), Syed Hashim started a vehicle maintenance company by the name of “Deinfa”. With passion, hard work and dedication, Mr. Hashim was able to see his dream of becoming a leader in the automotive industry, come to fruition. With Deinfa’s notoriety and growth, in 1953, The British Leyland Motor Works, authorized Deinfa as their Sole Distributor and Dealer for the entire region.

In 1971, Deinfa was relocated to Karachi, Pakistan. At this time, Ejaz Syed Hashim, took over the reins of the company from his father and further propelled the success of Deinfa to new heights. Due to the uncompromising dedication to excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction, vehicles serviced, maintained and carrying the tag of Deinfa were resold at a significantly higher price in the market.

Having achieved success in one spectrum of the automotive industry, it was time to take on a new endeavor. Expanding on the Deinfa brand, the young Mr. Hashim, started Deinfa Motors - Rental Services in 1975 with a humble fleet of five cars. Today, the fleet of cars amassed by the rental division is over 250 vehicles.

Yet another mile stone for Deinfa was achieved in 1988 when the company was awarded a certificate of Merit by Honda (Japan) for the best service provider in the market. And in 2003, Atlas Honda Cars Pakistan Limited accredited Deinfa as a 2S Honda Dealer (Services & Spares).

Over the years, the Deinfa brand has diversified its portfolio by joining hands with “Pakistan Cable” under the registered name of “Hashim Distributors”, as an authorized distributor and supplier of Cables and wires.

In 2006 the third generation of the Hashim family (Shakir & Asad Ali Hashim) joined the Deinfa Group, infusing renewed energy and passion with a vision to expand the brand FURTHER.

This vision was realized on February 6th 2014, by joining hands with Toyota and with the inauguration of “Toyota Creek Motors”. A state of the art 3S authorized dealership for sales, service and spare parts for a complete range of Toyota and Dihatsu Vehicles.

As we look to our future with unlimited possibilities of growth and success, we would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our team and patronage of our loyal customers.

The sweet taste of success would have remained a mystery if it weren’t for you all. The pleasure has truly been ours. Thank you for sticking by our Deinfa family through six decades.