The Difference Between a Rental SUV and Sedan

Cars are a great and flexible means of transportation. With advancements in the automobile industry over many years, cars are more than just a carriage to take you from one place to another. They’ve become a luxury with many other features to cater to your needs and make your ride comfortable. Rental SUVs are a perfect fit for big families while on the other hand rental Sedan families making your journey comfortable and memorable.

If you’re planning to rent a car for your trip and do not know which type of car you should choose, keep in mind the kind of trip you are planning on and the features you will require on your way, and this can help you decide on the car for the journey.

Car rental companies use terms to classify these cars. So, knowing the advantages these cars offer will guide you to choose the right one for you. One of the most common debates is to decide whether you want to opt for a sedan or an SUV rental. Before making the decision, let us do research and learn a few details about the difference between SUVs and sedans to know which type of vehicle to choose.

Renting a Sedan

Sedans are a classic choice if you are concerned about fuel economy or mileage. They are fuel efficient, having a good engine with four-cylinder tanks. Thus, consuming fuel less compared to SUVs. If your trip includes driving many miles on paved roads, then a sedan can reduce the overall cost of your trip. And they are cheaper to rent, so easier on your budget.

Renting a sedan is perfect for driving in the city due to its small size compared to an SUV. They are better for maneuvering inside the city and you will be able to move freely without any hassle. Sedans have an excellent performance, and you can easily reach from 0 to 100 KPH within a matter of seconds since they have been specifically built for on-road driving.

Traveling with kids is no piece of cake. A sedan can offer many advanced safety features to cater to your kids, offering you peace of mind. They have plush and comfortable interiors at a cheaper price. The shape of a sedan is long and sleek and has a low ride height which makes for a low center of gravity as compared to an SUV, keeping them more stable at high-speed runs.

Sedan suspension is softer compared to SUVs; hence the ride is much more comfortable. But on the downside, sedans can not tow anything or go off-road. Unlike SUVs, they are not built for handling rugged terrain or heavy loads. But if you plan on camping or need to bring a trailer on the trip, then a sedan is not the right choice for you.

Renting an SUV

Going on a road trip with a lot of luggage, and you’re worried about the storage, then an SUV is a highly spacious car, with a storage space that can keep you off the worry, and accommodate all your luggage efficiently, without any issue. They have a lot more space from the seating area to the trunk hence, it can offer you a comfortable drive for long periods if you have a lot of luggage and passengers.

SUVs have a unique feature of AWD or all-wheel-drive system that provides you with better control while driving and allows you to drive on any road or in any terrain irrespective of the weather condition with absolute ease. It gives you a better drive for off-roading and in areas suffering from flooding and extreme weather conditions.

An SUV has a high ride height and gives excellent ground clearance, ensuring hassle-free driving in terrain conditions and giving you better visibility by putting you higher than people traveling in other cars, making it safer to drive.

SUVs give you a better ride quality on bad roads. Driving an SUV over a broken road is more comfortable than a sedan, thanks to its huge wheel sizes and suspension travel. They can even tow anything. But they do not offer as good of gas mileage as a sedan, so be mindful of the kind of trip you are planning. But if your trip involves towing on anything, going off-roading, or traveling through flooded areas then SUVs are the obvious choice for you.


Now since you’re aware of the features and elements of each car, you can better decide for yourself which one is more suitable for your trip and choose the one that can cater to your requirements on the way while ensuring a comfortable ride throughout.

In this article we have briefly discussed the difference between SUV and Sedan – making it easier for you to pick the right rental car for your next journey.

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