Salient features

  • Automotive Engineers:We have a staff of over fifty, highly trained and certified engineers with years of hands on experience, to ensure our customers get the best vehicle maintenance.

  • 30 Bays Service: We have 30 service bays at our facility. This offers incredible value to customers who need their cars fixed right away.

  • Spare Parts Stock: We also maintain a running stock of spare parts for Honda, Toyota, and several domestic and foreign brand vehicles. This helps us serve a wide range of customers for both service and parts in a timely manner.

  • On Time Delivery: The parts department supports the service department by ensuring parts are readily available, which in turn allows the service department to turnaround jobs at a significantly faster rate than the industry norms.

  • Pick and Drop: For customer convenience, we offer pick and drop services of vehicles from your home or office. Once the authorized maintenance or service has been completed, the vehicle is delivered back to your place, making the service process hassle and stress free.

  • Imported Equipments: Our Diagnostic equipment imported from the United States and Japan accurately zeros in on the problem, leaving no room for error.

  • Major Accidents: Our structural department comprises of efficient staff that swipe the marks of accidents from every nook and corner of your vehicle.