Common Problems Faced While Renting a Car

Renting a car is a preferred solution whether you’re on a holiday, business trip or just visiting friends or family. Choosing a reputable car rental service offers you the liberty to avoid expensive cab services and other means of transportation that are not only costly but also something that you’re most likely to be unacquainted with. However, just as with other industries, the car rental industry also poses its own challenges to the renters and there are many ways that the renting process can go haywire.

In this blog, we discuss five of the most common problems that consumers have encountered while renting a car

1- Complex Pricing Structure

It’s a matter of fact that each car rental company has a different pricing structure. Booking a car rental by the day can be way more expensive than booking by the week, meaning that you could end up paying less for a week than for a few days. In addition, there are also peak rates, upfront gas, and other payment options to take into account. To make an informed verdict, make sure that you thoroughly understand the pricing structure of the rental company that you are approaching so that you are able to set the best price for your rental.

2- Unavailability of Cars

If you arrive at the car rental company without a prior booking, you might find yourself disappointed with the unavailability of cars. This is specifically true for businesses with smaller-scale operations since they cannot afford to have too many cars standing idle in the yard. As a customer, you can minimize the possibility of this issue by booking ahead as doing so would ensure that the vehicle is booked for you for a particular period of time and you will also have an estimated arrival time in case there are delays or if they rent out the car to someone else.

3- Insurance Rates

One of the major rental car problems is that many companies mask the actual insurance rates and convince you to go for unreasonably high insurance rates as they make it sound like a necessary requirement. However, if you opt for a trusted car rental service provider like Deinfa, you can expect complete transparency of the process and are more likely to get relevant and true information about your vehicle insurance requirements.

4- Already Damaged Vehicle

When you choose a car for booking, you will be asked to inspect it and sign a form containing all the details about the condition in which you received it so that the rental company can compare it to the condition of the car when you have returned it and charge you accordingly. For this reason, it is mandatory to thoroughly inspect that vehicle before agreeing to the terms and conditions of the form so that you do not have to be held liable for any pre-existing damage to the vehicle when you return it.

5- Lack of Experience as a Driver

The majority of car rental companies require that you have a valid driver’s license and a reasonable amount of experience before you sign up for renting a car. If you’re still in the learning phase or have a temporary license, you may either not be able to rent a car at all or will need to pay a much higher amount as compared to other customers. To avoid this situation, it is better to sufficiently research and ascertains whether you have sufficient experience to rent a car or not and whether the company that you’re approaching complies with the government’s rent-a-car policy or not.

Wrapping up, and doing your homework in terms of researching, and booking ahead are two convenient ways to avoid the above-stated problems. Likewise, make sure to document all the terms and conditions of your rental in writing so that you are on the safe side if things go wrong. For cost-effective car rental plans and quality services, get in touch with our experts at Deinfa Motors and have all your concerns addressed.

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