5 Cars with the Best Mileage in Pakistan

Several factors make a car attractive. Advanced features, aesthetics, and performance specs all contribute to making a car intriguing for buyers. However, everything else takes the back seat if the car has a bad fuel economy. As most vehicles are used daily, a bad fuel average can add a great amount to an owner’s monthly budget. Therefore, automakers focus on producing vehicles with great mileage. But what is the best mileage car in Pakistan? We have compiled a list to help you out.

Importance of Good Mileage in Pakistan

Good mileage is great to have in any part of the world. However, for those residing in Pakistan, it has become compulsory. Although petrol prices around the world have observed fluctuations over the years, the fuel rates in Pakistan continue to be on an upward trend.

Currently, Pakistan is sitting at all-time high fuel prices. This makes good mileage in cars all the more important. Additionally, the road conditions in the country are not as favorable as you would find in foreign countries. These contribute to early wear and tear of parts and components. Therefore, having a single best mileage car in Pakistan can at least help save some fuel money.

Best Mileage Car in Pakistan

A car’s fuel average can depend on several factors such as:

  • Driving habits
  • Road conditions
  • Vehicle maintenance

All these can affect the fuel average. However, the fuel average is high for new vehicles and it is a safe bet to buy a brand-new car. That said, let’s take a look at some of the best mileage cars in Pakistan to help you make a more rational decision.

Toyota Aqua

If you are looking for the best mileage car in Pakistan, the Toyota Aqua can be a viable choice. The 5-door hatchback is a stylish vehicle and does not lack on performance by any means. As per the company press release, the Toyota Aqua fuel average is 35.4 km/liter for driving on the highways and about 31 km/liter when driving within the city.

Honda Vezel

SUVs are generally considered to be high-fuel consuming, however, Honda Vezel puts those theories to rest. The advanced SUV with its enforcing features has become a famous family vehicle. Moreover, the Honda Vezel fuel average is about 16.4km/liter for city driving and 18.7km/liter when driving on the highway.

Suzuki Cultus

For years, Suzuki Cultus has established its place as an economical car. It is perhaps the best mileage car in Pakistan in the hatchback segment. The 4-door hatchback isn’t as big as some of its counterparts, however, the model is widely famous among the masses. As far as the Suzuki Cultus fuel average is concerned, the hatchback delivers about 20.5km/liter on the highway and an impressive 16 km/liter in the city. The cultus EFI fuel average is also the same.

Honda City

People looking for the best mileage car in Pakistan can also choose Honda City. The Honda City fuel average is up to 18 km/liter on the highway while it is about 14 km/liter when you drive a vehicle in the city. The Honda City is a famous vehicle and can usually be found in upper-class households. The sedan body type, breathtaking aesthetics and good fuel economy make the Honda City a preferable choice for many people in Pakistan.

Honda Civic

Many people prefer comfort over price and this preference prompts them to buy big vehicles such as Honda Civic. It is the best fuel average car in Pakistan in the compact sedan segment. The Honda Civic fuel average is higher than that of vehicles like Aqua and Cultus. However, this difference makes sense considering the size of the vehicles.
The Honda Civic 10th generation delivers a fuel average of 16 km/liter for city driving and 19 km/liter when driving on the highways.

This brings us to the end of our list of some of the best mileage cars in Pakistan. The continuously rising fuel prices are the major reason for people’s shift in interest towards fuel economical vehicles. While hatchbacks and crossovers mostly offer good fuel economy, there are other vehicles in the SUV and sedan segment with good mileage.

You can check out the aforementioned vehicles and select the one best suited to your budget and needs. After you have bought the best mileage car in Pakistan based on our list, be sure to ensure timely maintenance and avoid harsh driving. This can help keep your car in top-notch condition for longer durations.

Stay tuned for information about the most fuel economical cars in Pakistan and more.

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