Car Rental Pick-up and Drop-off Tips

Whether you’re a first time car renter or if you’re renting one from a new company for the first time, it’s good to question what you should or shouldn’t do while picking up or dropping off the car. Different car rental companies have different requirements, and hence, you need to be aware of all the basics and the specific company policies that will make the process easier for you. In this blog, we’ve listed down a few important tips of what you need to do while picking or dropping off your rental car.

Car Rental Pick-up Tips

1. Documentation

It’s important that you’re carrying all the necessary documentation with you at the time of going to get a rental vehicle booked. This includes your I.D Card, driver’s license, and anything else you’d deem important, if that doesn’t clear your confusion, you could also always call the rental company ahead of your visit and ask them about the documentation you’d need to bring with you while booking a car on rent. This will help you avoid any rejections that may happen if your documents aren’t in order according to the company’s policies.

2. Inspect Damages

We’ve perhaps said this many times before in our blogs, but it’s an important point to remember every time you go for renting a car. It’s mandatory to add inspecting for existing damages in your car rental to-do list because it can save you from paying a lot of money that you’d otherwise have to pay if the company thinks you’re the one who caused the damages to the car.

If you notice any dents or scratches, make sure to take photos as proof that they existed before you started driving the car. And it’s also recommended to get the car’s engine and other parts checked to avoid inconveniences on your trip or pay a hefty sum for issues that pre-existed.

3. Agreement

Once you’ve submitted your documents and chosen the car you’re renting, the next step is to read the terms of the agreement carefully as it includes all the basics about when to return the car, at what time, and how much you’ll have to pay if you get a parking ticket or get into an accident. You need to pay proper attention to reading all these terms, as they will give you an idea of how careful you have to be and what will be the consequences if you’re not.

4. Security Deposit

Some rental companies also ask for an additional sum of money, i.e. the security deposit, held by the company for their own safety while the car is in your hands. This amount will be fully deposited back to you once you return the car, given that you return it in the condition that you’d picked it up.

If you have any queries regarding this, you can always check up with your rental company to know more details. The experts at Deinfa Motors are always ready to be of service.

Car Rental Drop-off Tips

1. Fuel Tank

It’s always recommended to fill the fuel tank when you’re returning the car back to the company, as you’ll be surcharged for fuel if you return it empty. And that charge is much more than what would cost if you get it refilled on your own. Of course, this depends on what’s mentioned in your agreement, as some companies require you return it with a full tank and others don’t have any such requirements.

2. Vehicle Inspection

Just like you’re required to inspect the vehicle while renting it, it’s also important for the company to inspect the car once you’ve dropped it off. In any case, it’s better if you check the car by yourself first and also, ensure that it’s clean, especially if you were traveling with kids or pets.

3. Receipt

After dropping off the car, the company will hand you a receipt that will be proof of you having rented the car and returned it safely. It’ll also include the sum of the amount you paid, the date and time you rented, and when you dropped it off. So keep this receipt safe with you to avoid any future inconveniences.

Renting a car isn’t rocket science, but it’s natural to have confusions when you’re renting one for the first time or from a rental company you don’t know of. If you’re looking for a credible car rental company, Deinfa Motors is here to help you out with all your queries and questions and fulfill your car rental needs.

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