4 Best Rental SUVs for Your Corporate Trip

You have just scheduled an upcoming business tour and have booked your flight to the destination city. We presume that you have also chosen a suitable hotel and might have even selected a couple of restaurants to try during your free time. What’s next? You need to look for suitable car rental services in your area. In this guide, we have picked the 4 best rental SUVs for your next corporate trip. 

1. Toyota Land Cruiser 

The Toyota Land Cruiser is considered one of the most durable SUVs in Pakistan, and it has been like that for the past two decades. Featuring a striking combination of ruggedness and luxury, it would offer a guaranteed smooth ride where you want to wander around during your next official trip. 

No matter what type of terrain you are expecting to drive in, you can have an outstanding driving pleasure – all thanks to the SUV’s exceptional 4×4 abilities. You can’t go wrong with this heavy-duty automobile if you are after a powerful and sturdy all-rounder that can take you from pavements to main roads safely. Furthermore, it comes with an 87-liter fuel tank that ensures that you keep cruising on a long-distance journey without having to stop over for a fuel refill.

Get ready for a corporate trip with peace of mind, as this luxury vehicle boasts a 5.7-liter V8 engine that gives 381 horsepower. Besides being a robust multiple-terrain SUV, you can also avail some handy technological features by renting this Toyota truck, as it maintains a perfect balance of safety and sophistication. You can enjoy a seamless panoramic view without worrying about your safety, as it has a Blind Spot Monitor feature, which helps you monitor vehicles driving in the blind spot around you. All thanks to its large cabin space, leg, and headroom, the Land Cruiser has a capacity of 8 people, making it perfect to travel with large groups. 

2. Toyota Hilux 

Having a 2755cc engine power, the Toyota Hilus Revo is an impressively durable vehicle that has a wheelbase of 3090 mm. It has an automatic transmission and a seating capacity of four persons. All thanks to its dedicated open-air cargo space at the back, you can store all your luggage and belongings during your intercity travel. Furthermore, it has a high ground clearance and a robust suspension, which makes this pickup an all-rounder off-roading automobile. Unlike the classic Toyota Land Cruiser, you won’t have to worry about any bumpy rides in this SUV whether you are driving over silky tarmac roads or rough unstable terrain.

Since its inception in the year 1968, Toyota has managed to sell more than 13 million units of this Hilux model. As you can take this vehicle even to the most inaccessible regions in the interior regions of Pakistan, it has remained a popular choice among off-road enthusiasts. If you are planning to travel through rough terrain areas during your upcoming corporate trip, then Toyota Revo is the best option for you.

3. Toyota Fortuner

The Fortuner is a classy and luxurious SUV that can help create a great impression on the clients or colleagues you are about to meet during your business tour. Apart from making people roll their eyes when you drive it across the road, this sophisticated vehicle is also built to sustain the roughness of off-road terrains. It is available in two variants: a 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine or a robust 4.0-liter V6 engine. No matter what engine type you select, you can expect to have a comfortable ride on a versatile range of terrain with this 4×4 SUV.

This 7-seater vehicle has a spacious cabin to make your long-distance journey more manageable and fun. To ensure that each passenger in the vehicle gets to enjoy the ride, it comes with AC vents and charging ports in each row. Furthermore, the SUV’s electronic hatch comes as an added advantage for people who are sitting in the last row. With its six-speed automatic gearbox, you can either change your gears manually or set it on automatic mode. Finally, the Toyota car is home to top-notch safety features and an impressive braking system to make your journey as comfortable as possible. 

4. Toyota Prado

It may have a different name, but you can consider the Toyota Prado as the younger brother of the Toyota Land Cruiser. Even though the Toyota Prado has a lighter engine compared to its older brother, you should not underestimate this serious off-roader, as it is packed with additional off-road driving features to help you access even the roughest of terrains. Whether you want to enjoy the scenery in remote areas or want to cruise through the asphalt roads in the city, this is a perfect all-rounder. 

Having a 4.0-liter V6 engine, the Prado not only embraces its Land Cruiser heritage but also increases the benchmark with its high-tech features below the bonnet. This user-friendly SUV is based on a six-speed automatic ECT (Electronically Controlled Transmission) system, which helps you enjoy an outstanding power delivery regardless of the variation of surrounding terrains you drive through. 

Instead of having a single driving mode, this thorough-bred SUV boasts five driving modes that you can access using the Multi-Terrain Select mode. Switch on the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) and it will make the ride so smooth that you will think that you cruising through a fine asphalt road while off-roading in rough terrain. 


Are you an employer that regularly rents a vehicle for your employees? Or maybe you’re an employee who’s been given a rental car by your work. We’d love to hear your thoughts, so make sure you let us know in the comments below.

Whether you are an employer looking to rent a vehicle for an employee or an employee who is given the liberty to select a suitable automobile for corporate travel, you can select any one of these luxury SUVs for a smooth riding experience. 

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