Top 6 Benefits of Self Drive Car Rentals

Are you considering going on a road trip with your friends and family? Self-drive car rentals can be your best bet if you prefer flexibility, personal space, and convenience. These services have become one of the most widely acknowledged automobile-related services, specifically for customers who are traveling with large groups or who need a car only for a day or a week. It gives a sense of autonomy to the customer as long as they are renting it and is a pretty cost-effective deal as well. These services are economical, depending on the type of car that you are going for.

Deinfa Motors is one of the leading car rental providers in Pakistan, offering a range of rental cars from economy, mid-size, and luxury to commercial vehicles and competitive rates and hassle-free services. You can either visit our fleet or check out our website to browse and reserve a car that you would like to drive on your road trip.

Core Benefits of a Rental Car

Now that we know that a car can be booked on rental services from Deinfa Motors, let’s examine the top 6 benefits of renting a self-drive car for a road trip.

1- Privacy

Privacy is the foremost benefit of choosing a self-drive vehicle as compared to hiring a cab in which there’s a probability of frequent interruption and unnecessary chit-chat from the driver, making the journey inconvenient and unpleasant.

On the other hand, self-drive cars offer optimal privacy and an opportunity to spend valuable time with your traveling companions.

For example, having an appalling driver if you’re traveling for days or a week can be a real nuisance. Whereas, having the vehicle on your own and being only surrounded by the people you know can make your journey fun and more comfortable.

2- Affordability

As compared to a cab or a taxi, the costs of hiring a car rental service are amazingly low, making the latter a cost-effective solution. Deinfa Motors is one of the most reliable automobile rental services in Pakistan.

Our short-term retail services provide self-drive vehicles that you can book if you want to rent a car for a day for your daily or urgent trips for making your traveling experiences smoother & convenient. Do you want to rent it for a longer period of time? You can always contact us & ask to prolong the period.

3- Safety & Security

This goes without saying that self-drive automobiles give you control over the vehicle, thereby reducing risks that would incur with hiring a cab or a taxi. For example, with cabs and taxis, there’s a risk of drivers falling asleep or failing to meet certain road safety requirements. While self-drive services allow you to bypass these risks & take control of the vehicle the way you want to. You can also maintain safe speeds & follow any safety precautions.

4- Flexibility

As you choose self-drive car rentals, you have the flexibility to start your journey as per your wish and take breaks whenever you feel the need to. This adaptability and peace of mind don’t come with a cab or a taxi as asking the driver to stop every hour could be a little annoying. However, when you drive your vehicle, you are free of such circumstances and have complete control over the trip’s duration.

5- Hygiene

Hygiene is a matter of prime importance when driving a car, specifically after the pandemic. When you self-drive a vehicle, you can be assured of the cleanliness & sanitization that you’re maintaining, which is not the case when you’re traveling in a cab or a taxi and are left to the driver’s mercy. At Deinfa, we also deep clean and sanitize the vehicle before handing it over to you so that you don’t have to worry about dirt and germs.

6- Maintained Vehicle

Last but not the least, self-drive cars rented through a rental company are fully-maintained and the cost of maintenance & repairs is included in the rental amount that is paid monthly. All of this is taken care of by the company, and they pick up the car for maintenance and deliver it back when done. This saves a lot of time and effort on your end and offers the convenience of having your car picked up and dropped at your doorstep.

Are you planning a long road trip? Book your self-drive car by visiting or give us a call at +92 21 35886356.

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